The law offices of Shlomo Y. Hecht, P.A. specializes in helping our clients in a variety of areas in civil law.  We are here to counsel, advise, litigate, and defend in all civil matters. Some of the areas we focus are as follows:


Whether you are entering into a new contract, or you want to modify an existing contract,
The law offices of Shlomo Y. Hecht, P.A. is here to help you draft, review, and ensure that all terms are clear, and your interests are well protected.

We also help our clients with contractual disputes, and we will litigate and defend all of your rights and pecuniary interests.

In some instances a documented contract does not exist, but instead an agreement was made or implied orally . Just because there is no signed document, does not mean you have no legal rights. At the law offices of Shlomo Y. Hecht, P.A. we make sure to represent your rights in all instances, and we will find every available legal remedy.

Whether it is a contract of a personal nature, or business related, give us a call for a free consultation.

UCC Transactions

Our firm handles all types of UCC transactions, whether you need to file and record a transaction, or if you have a dispute over a transaction that involves commercial sales of goods, our firm is here to help.

Elder Neglect & Abuse

Abusing the elderly is a very serious crime. The Law Offices of Shlomo Y. Hecht, P.A. will fight for your rights, and enforce any action that results in elder neglect or abuse.

If you or a loved one is elderly, and has been taken advantage of, or abused, call us today for a free consultation.

Debts & Collections

Our firm handles all types of legal issues involving debts and collections. The Law Offices of Shlomo Y. Hecht, can help collect on an outstanding debt, and use all available legal tools to litigate, pursue, and enforce a judgment on your behalf.

Our firm also defends against unscrupulous debt collectors, and will ensure you do not pay money you are legally not obligated to pay.

Probate Administration & Litigation

Our firm handles all types of probate litigation, whether you are a personal representative of an estate, or a beneficiary of an estate, we can help you administer the estate, litigate on your behalf of the estate, and help with the whole process of the administration of the estate.

Our firm also defends against wrongful claims brought on you on behalf of an estate, or wrongful actions brought against an estate.

The Law Offices of Shlomo Y. Hecht, handles all types of probate administration and litigation.

Estate Planning

Our law firm can help you with your estate planning. We do wills, power of attorney, healthcare surrogates, deeds, and trusts.

Even if you already have an estate plan, the Law Offices of Shlomo Y Hecht will review it to ensure it is in full compliance with the latest statutes. We also do modifications, codicils, and amendments to existing plans.

Local Government Law

Our firm provides legal services and consultation and all areas of local government law. Whether you need to apply for a variance, or if you a cited with a code enforcement violation. The Law Offices of Shlomo Y. Hecht can represent you in front of the local government zoning administration.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Our firm represent both landlords and tenants in all areas of dispute. Whether you are tenant being wrongfully evicted, or if you are a landlord that needs assistance with a tenant, we can help.

Intellectual Property

Whether you are the inventor of a new idea, or a product, we can help you protect it. The law offices of Shlomo Y. Hecht, P.A. provides services in all areas of copyright, trademark, and intellectual property.

We help you protect your idea, or product, by enforcing your rights against any violators. The law offices of Shlomo Y. Hecht, P.A. provides counseling, guidance, advice on all areas of intellectual property, and will also fight and litigate on your behalf.

Similarly, if you have been accused or sued for violating another person or entity's intellectual property rights, we will defend you against any such wrongful accusations.